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Family Law

(For Family Law inquiries please call our FAMILY LAW DIRECT LINE at 406.204.0757).


At the Utick Law Firm, we take our family law cases very seriously.  We know that family is usually the most important aspect of a person’s life and that providing quality and compassionate legal services is essential when it comes to family law issues.  Give us a call to talk about your unique family law issue, and we will be happy to discuss possible legal solutions.


We are proud to announce that Andrea Fox is now trained in Collaborative Practice. This new and exciting area of the law focuses on creating durable agreements between parties in a collaborative setting, in order to set the stage for an amicable relationship in the future. Andrea Fox also offers family law mediation services.

Family Law Fees

All fee arrangements are made pursuant to an agreement that is signed when you hire our firm to represent you.  


A retainer is a deposit against future legal services. This goes into our client trust account, and we cannot withdraw it until we perform the legal services for which the advance payment was made. Simply put: We do the work and bill against the retainer. We also bill costs, such as filing fees, etc., against the retainer. Retainer amounts vary, based on how much work we think your case will require.


For all cases, we can take your retainer in the form of cash, check, money order, or credit card.


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Workers’ Compensation Law

Andy Utick has been practicing workers’ compensation law since 1969, and is well-prepared to address any issues regarding such cases. So, if you were injured on the job or have suffered an occupational disease, give him a call and he will help you navigate the Workers’ Compensation system with ease, obtaining for you all to which you are entitled under the law.

Workers’ Compensation Law Fees

We take Workers’ Compensation cases on a contingent fee basis.  This means that you pay nothing up front. We get paid if and when you get paid.  Our fee is a percentage of the money you get as a result of our representation of you, and only when the funds arrive. Our percentage of workers’ compensation and occupational disease cases is set by state regulations, and depends on how far along through the legal system your case goes. All fee arrangements are spelled out in an agreement that is specified by the state and which is signed when you hire our firm to represent you. 


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Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury can encompass motor vehicle accidents, slip-and-falls, and a variety of other events and circumstances. We have substantial experience with these types of cases, and will be able to help you achieve the best resolution of your case under the law.

Personal Injury Law Fees

Much like Workers’ Compensation, we take these cases on a contingent fee basis.  We get paid if and when you get paid.  We take nothing up front and you pay nothing out of pocket.  Our fee is based on a percentage of the money paid by the opposing party.  This percentage depends on how far along your case goes, in the legal system.  All fee arrangements are set forth in an agreement that is signed when you hire our firm to represent you. 


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Insurance Bad Faith

Occasionally, insurance companies commit errors that result in harm to insured individuals.  Legal remedies for such events are set forth in the Fair Claims Practices act, a series of Montana laws that deals with good faith and fair dealing in adjustment of insurance claims. If you feel you might have received less than a fair amount, due to such circumstances, we might be able to help. We have substantial experience with such cases and would be happy to talk to you about your situation.

Insurance Bad Faith Fees

Much like Personal Injury cases, we take Insurance Bad Faith cases on a contingent fee basis.

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Miscellaneous Civil Matters

There are many types of cases that do not fall neatly into another category, thus this category of Miscellaneous Civil Matters.  If you have a civil issue; in other words, an issue which is not a criminal matter; and feel that a lawyer could possibly help, we will be glad to assess the matter and let you know whether there are legal remedies with which we can assist you.


We do not handle criminal matters.

Miscellaneous Civil Matters Fees

Because this category is somewhat of a catchall, some cases may be hourly fee cases, and some may be contingent fee cases.  If it is a contingent fee case, it will work just like our contingent fee arrangements in other areas of law.  All fee arrangements are specified in an agreement that is signed when you hire our firm to represent you. 


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